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Virtual Classroom through Video Conferencing 

  1. Single Sign-on
  2. Learning materials and LIVE Video Conference on the Same Page
  3. One lecturer to Many students basis.
  4. Video and/or audio mode (mute option).
  5. Virtual Whiteboard - Multiuser.
  6. Physical Whiteboard in the background.
  7. Tools to write or erase.
  8. Learning Materials in ppt or pdf formats.
  9. Poll
  10. Interaction between Lecturer and Students.
  11. Enabled using Notebooks, iPads, Mobile Phones and all Internet enabled devices.
  12. Public chats
  13. Breakout rooms for discussions

Recorded Videos are also utilised as part of the Online Methodology.

Elearning Tools available at

  1. Pearson LCCI Examination Registration
  2. Personalised Page for each Student's Results
  3. Recorded Videos
  4. Learning Materials in PDF, PPT, doc, and xls formats
  5. Lesson Plans
  6. Assignments for Upload and Download in Secure Areas
  7. Quizes in various formats such Multiple Choice, True/False, Matching, Short Anwers
  8. English for Business Assessment Tools
  9. Private Messages and Chats
  10. Forums